Brandon is touching his chest now
Víctima de The Killers, sólo eso. Ah! y del cielo...y ya. Y de las fotografías!!...Mi Colombia..

The Killers, Queen, Sky, Stars, Clouds, Music all day, Karoke, Comedia shows, drama shows.
Gustavo Cerati, Interpol, The Black Keys, Foals, Natalia Lafourcade, The Kills, Placebo, Fito Páez, Arcade Fire, Metric, Parlantes, Beastie Boys, Weezer, Blur, The Verve, Stereophonics, Manu Chao, MGMT, Mt Desolation, Foo Figthers, Ok Go, No Doubt, Pornomotora, Rammstein, Rancid, Sex Pistols, Stereo Total.....JUST GIVE ME MUSIC \m/
.............The Killers..........

Me molesta mucho el comentario de Torey, pero no me creo capaz de juzgarlo o decir algo en su contra. Con mis hermanos hacemos chiste sobre cosas así, la intención no es faltar al respeto o menospreciar a las mujeres por ser mujeres o a los hombres por ser hombres.

Quiero creer más bien que es un inocente chiste, he can make mistakes, pero se debe cuidar más que todos ya que es una figura pública para nosotros The Victims.

Igual es responsabilidad de todos cambiar esos preceptos pa que no sean más chiste.

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And I´m on my knees..JUST! looking for the answer

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The giggle is awwwww

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reaction images need to stop those were cool in 2011


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Today I listen to Runaways just because I remember this 

and then felt guilty

(thanks to the creators of this glorious gif)

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I can read your mind, Ronnie.

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Oh my god

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Please tag your opinions as wrong 

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And the follow up to that moment, I laughed so hard during this, poor Ron.

Is Dave celebrating he is between Ron and Bran?

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my only talent is not being in a relationship

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Some of my fave pictures from tonight, sad to say it ended way too soon

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So Brandiva!

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"Masculinity is a trait, not a gender"

In an effort to both allocate space for and document the existence of masculine women, photographer Meg Allen created a powerful series of portraits for an exhibit at Cafe Gabriela in Oakland, Calif.

Entitled BUTCH, Allen’s series not only represents genderqueer women for a broader, heteronormative audience, but reaffirms butch identity within the queer community at a time when “butch flight,” or gender transitioning, is arguably becoming more and more commonplace. It is, as Allen says on her website, “an homage to the bull-daggers and female husbands before me, and to the young studs, gender queers and bois who continue to bloom into the present.”

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These are some good looking folks

This is all I have ever wanted to see. My butch friends may sometimes get “Why don’t you just become a man?” in the same way folks would tell me “Why don’t you just be a butch lesbian?” Because masculinity and gender identity are two totally separate bubbles, that for some become a venn diagram, and for others, coexist peacefully inside of us.

Two things can exist independently, and coexist peacefully. Gender identity and masculinity/femininity/androgyny.

a lot of these babes are my friends and this project is really important to my city, it makes me so happy whenever i see it.

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